Welcome to Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment Animal Training Program

Behavioral husbandry is the component of daily animal care focused on how animals interact with their physical and social environment.  Goals of behavioral husbandry include voluntary participation in their care and opportunities to express species typical behaviors.  We cultivate these goals through an understanding of natural and individual history and an application of behavioral science.  We continually evaluate the success of our efforts by measuring behavior change.

Behavioral Husbandry Philosophy

The cornerstone of our program is its philosophy.  We are committed to providing the highest level of animal care and guest experiences by engaging cast to build a culture of progressive animal training and enrichment.  Animal, cast, and guest safety are always top considerations in the development and implementation of all training and enrichment initiatives.  The behavioral husbandry programs are fully integrated into daily animal management and are both proactive and dynamic in nature.  Animal keepers, managers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists all contribute to the success of the behavioral husbandry programs.

Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment Behavioral Husbandry Vision and Mission Statement


  • We will be relentless innovators in the application of science to the practice of behavioral husbandry.


  • We build capacity for successful application of behavior-change strategies by our animal care partners through internal education and development
  • We collaboratively facilitate achievement of behavioral goals through multiple partnerships
  • We share what we learn with our colleagues in the zoological industry through professional service and dissemination