Team Development

Development of our staff members is critical to sustainability and growth of our animal training programs.  A variety of opportunities are provided to our staff to maintain a progressive training program.  Two courses are required for all animal care staff, Training and Enrichment Methods and Training Methods II.

Training and Enrichment Methods is an introductory course providing new staff with an overview of the Behavioral Husbandry program which includes philosophy, S.P.I.D.E.R. framework, process expectations, and brief introduction to basic enrichment and training methods.

Training Methods II is designed to take a closer look at the science of behavior and its applications in animal training.  This course highlights specific concepts that are the foundation to a deeper understanding of behavior modification, including: learned associations, stimulus control, consistency, reinforcement strategies, bridging stimulus, and building trusting relationships.

Workshops are developed and offered to staff or to individual teams when requested.  Workshop topics have included clearing up the confusion on variable schedules, time outs, bridging stimulus, and labeling behavior.