Team commitments

Each animal care staff member plays a critical role in the success of the animal training programs. We find it beneficial to maintain a Commitment Document that lays out the commitments members make to the program and the roles they play.

Commitment Document

Members of the animal care team are committed to the following in support of the Behavioral Husbandry (BH) Program Philosophy.

  • Use the S.P.I.D.E.R. model to guide training and enrichment programs for all taxa.
  • Follow approved and appropriate training techniques.
  • Create and gain approval for new enrichment initiatives and training plans following the established approval process.
  • Maintain a list of approved enrichment initiatives and training plans in the area.
  • Maintain an up-to-date monthly enrichment schedule and document each enrichment event using the established documentation method.
  • Maintain an accessible archive of past enrichment schedules.
  • Document each training interaction using the established BH documentation method.
  • Utilize documentation to adapt training and enrichment priorities and techniques.
  • Incorporate BH in discussions surrounding animal husbandry including, preventive and acute healthcare, shifting, transport, and guest experiences.